Light Weight Perlite
Fire Resistant Perlite
Dampens Noise Perlite
Smooth Perlite
Environment-friendly Perlite
15mm PlasterLite – R15mm =

0.015m0.11690 W/m.K

= 0.128m2.K/W


The installed weight of PlasterLite is 540-560kg per m3 and the installed weight of traditional plaster = 2200-2400kg per m3.

PlasterLite weighs approximately 30% of traditional plaster, saving about one ton per 54m2 of plaster applied at 15mm thick.

Its lightweight properties offer structural design benefits and make it easier to work with and transport.


Mass per bag15kg

Coverage per bag1 bag = approximately 1,5m2 at 15mm thick

Bulk Density Loose = 390 – 400kg per m33
In-situ = 560 - 570kg per m3

ISO compressive strengthTypically between 4MPa and 5MPa at 28 days dependent on water content.

Application temperature Between +8ºC to +35ºC.

Product colourWhite

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