85mm EcoPerl – R85mm =

0.085m0.06911 W/m.K

= 1.230m2.K/W

85mm thick screed – R85mm =

0.085m0.93 W/m.K

= 0.091m2.K/W


The loose bulk density of EcoPerl
= 280 – 290kg per m3

The installed weight of EcoPerl = 360 – 370kg per m3

The installed weight of screeds using traditional materials = 2000 – 2200kg per m3

Raw Form of Screed Perl
Screed Perl Manufacturers


Mass per bag9kg

Coverage per bag1 bag = approximately 0,4m2 at 85mm thick

Bulk Density Loose = 280 - 290kg per m3
In-situ = 360 - 370kg per m3

ISO compressive strengthTypically between 1MPa and 1.5MPa at 28 days dependent on water content.

Application temperatureBetween +8ºC to +35ºC.

Product colourGrey

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