CemteQ and Sanjo Fabtech Sterling have entered into a joint venture to offer a patented modular lightweight walling system that offers excellent acoustic, fire-resistant and thermal benefits.

Weighing 600-700kg/m3, this solid cementitious system, branded SanteQ, is simpler and quicker to erect on site, significantly cutting down on building times.

The tried and tested cellulose fibre walling system is erected on site and a special cementitious, 100% recycled polystyrene and admixture composite infill is pumped into the wall. The wall can then be skim plastered and painted or simply painted.

The SanteQ lightweight walling system is Agrément SA approved and is typically used for non-load bearing walls in hotels, student accommodation, multi-story affordable housing developments, schools, hospitals, remodeling of existing multi-story buildings as well as new builds with lightweight and energy saving considerations.

Features and benefits

Lightweight – Together with the prefabricated cellulose-fibre formwork and the high impact, moulded inserts that make up the entire system, the cured weight is between 600 and 700kg per m3 including skim plaster and paint. This represents a weight reduction of more than 70% when compared to traditional masonry materials, offering distinct design and engineering benefits.

Fire-resistant  – We use non-flammable boards and all components are tested to withstand fire for 2 hours. The system does not give off toxic gases.

Sound insulation – Due to the air trapped in the lightweight infill, the SanteQ walling system offers 2 to 3 times the sound insulation of a traditional wall.

Thermal insulation and energy savings – The infill material is comprised of recycled polystyrene which acts as insulation that reduces heat transfer through the walls. When one considers that 25% of the energy loss is through the walls, the savings on heating and cooling are obvious. 

Sustainable – The SanteQ lightweight walling system has amongst the lowest carbon footprints of any construction system. The polystyrene used in the infill as well as the high impact moulded inserts are 100% recycled. The cellulose fibre boards are only produced from the pulp of farmed trees and have been certified by the Singapore Green Building Council. The infill bags are reuseable.


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